Wine Journal App for iOS devices.

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iWine is iOS compatible and can be downloaded through the iTunes App Store. iWine provides an easy way to track all of the wines that you own, taste, purchase, and recommend. iWine has an intuitive, easy to use, native iPhone User Interface that highlights usability.  iWine contains fields for all of the important attributes of a fine wine including the Winery, Vintage, Varietal, Varietal Type, Country, State, Region, and the application includes fields for Number of Bottles Owned, Bottle Size, Price, Rating, Tasting Notes, URL, Maturity Date, Restaurant / Store, Importer, Alcohol Content, Bottling Date, Purchase Date, and wine Pairing. 

iWine gives you all of the tools you need to manage your cellar and to never forget that great wine you taste while out to dinner with friends and family. iWine lets you store an image of the wine bottle label, either via the camera or photo library, so that you can easily refer to it when purchasing your favorite wines.

New Features in v2.6


  • Graphical updates
  • Dropbox API updates
  • Region bug fix


All Features

  • Store wine data based on winery, varietal, vintage, varietal type, region (country, state, and region), rating, pairing, price, bottles owned, bottle size, URL, maturity date, Restaurant / Store, Alcohol Content, Bottling Date, Purchase Date and notes.
  • Stores thumbnail and full size images of wine bottle labels.
  • Online backup and restore of iWine information via Dropbox
  • Manage all of your wine cellars via iWine’s multiple cellar implementation.
  • Add wines to your Wish List.
  • Mark individual wines as favorites.
  • Two rating systems are supported: 5 star, or 100 point.
  • Easily sort your iWine by any field.
  • Filter your iWine by Favorites only, Wish List wines, Unrated wines, or Maturity or a combination of these filters.
  • Search feature that includes all text fields for all wines to easily find the wine you are looking for.
  • Provides an included library of wine varietals, varietal types, and regions and gives the user the ability to customize these lists by adding or removing items.
  • Includes Settings to customize application look and feel.
  • Stores the number of bottles owned for each wine and is conveniently displayed on the main view.
  • Ability to hide default fields on Detail Wine view.
  • Support for multi-level Regions field formatted as Country > State > Region with pre-populated database of wine regions which is fully user-customizable.
  • Provides count of bottles owned on main view by subcategory and total number of bottles in a user's cellar.
  • Save wine bottle image back to your iOS photo library.


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iWine can be downloaded directly from the iTunes App Store.


Revision History

The full revision history for each of the iWine releases can be found on the Revision History page.



Visit our Support page for help with iWine.